After a brilliant chat with Rock Radio back at the end of August, we had arranged to put on an abseil like no other – our night-time rock abseil, 150ft up with classic rock blasting out and some live music too. It was an idea we all loved, but having never done anything like this I wasn’t sure how the rock community in Glasgow would respond. I mean, there’s a lot of good gigs on in this town and Slash didn’t get good at guitar by popping out for a quick abseil every weekend.

A fortnight later I was back from a trip to the States and was shocked to hear we were nearly fully booked for the event… not only that, but Rock Radio’s Tom Russell and Lisa Johnston had both pledged to freefall abseil from the Titan on the night. I’m still adjusting to how great the response has been from the lovers of classic rock in Glasgow, Ayr, Stirling and Edinburgh – we’ve had some genius song requests, promises of full Kiss makeup and some incredible fundraising efforts already.

rock-titan-red-words-9thThe last thing we wanted was for anyone to miss out, so in the last week we’ve made sure no one will. The event on the 2nd of October is now fully booked with eager abseilers ready to rock the ropes, so we’ve added the 9th of October to our calendar and we’re already signing people up with over 3 weeks to go. Solid Rock Cafe have offered us a prize for the best rock-oriented fancy dress on the night, and our friends at Funktion 1 hire will be bringing back the soundsystem to blast out the choice of song for our intrepid night abseilers.

Our original plan to have a Silent abseil hasn’t died either – we’ll be switching off the soundsystem at the end of the night for those who want to experience the thrill of being alone, suspended over the Clyde in darkness with just a rope to hold you. The chaps at Glasgow Climbing Centre have assured me that there’s nothing like it.

That’s all the news I can think of for now, other than to say thank you to everyone who abseiled in August – it was a very busy weekend with lots of great people facing their fears to support people who don’t have the same opportunities in life. There were also a few people supported by ENABLE who abseiled too, not to mention serial abseiler Ross Ward!

Can’t wait for October, which has firmly shown itself to be the month of rock here at ENABLE Scotland. And I think the rockers of Glasgow are going to continue to surprise me!

Rock the Night