The ground vibrated with the thump of bass. Above us, the imposing figure of the Titan Crane was suddenly lit up with rows of bright green lights underneath the jib. The sound of N-Trance, Darude and Tiesto filled the air as the bus pulled up and a dark shape illuminated with strings of fairy lights and glow wire staggered out. The Titan Night Abseil had begun!

I’d been getting excited about October 3rd’s rave-themed Night Abseil for about two months, so when at 5pm on Saturday the winds still hadn’t stopped their 70mph course across Clydebank, I was gutted. With severe weather warnings across Scotland, we had hoped for the winds to die down as predicted for the evening, but no such luck. A box of glowsticks sat redundantly on the table. We called off the abseil.

Luckily, the good people at Clydebank Rebuilt and our abseil team moved mountains to help us reschedule the evening abseil for the very next day. Around 30 people were able to make the new date and the clear night, brilliant costumes and amazing sound system (you could hear it perfectly clearly even 150ft up!) made it all worth it. We don’t have a grand total yet but there were some great efforts with the fundraising, including Helensburgh man Ross Ward who raised just over £1,400! Prize-winners are listed below.

Our last remaining prize is the Best Photograph competition – we’ll be collecting photos from the abseil by uploading them to the Flickr group:

Thanks again to everyone who abseiled and if you didn’t get to due to the change of date, don’t worry as we will be having another night event next year and plenty of chances for you to abseil the Titan.


Top Fundraiser: Ross Ward (raised over £1,400) wins an overnight stay for 2 at the Glasgow Radisson.

Best Rave Outfits: Ashleigh Niven, Charles Diaper and Carol Diaper all won a bottle of wine for their neon creations!

“Seasoned Professional” Award goes to two first timers, Katherine Coll and Kenny Walker. See Kenny’s abseil:

Daredevils in the Dark